Elgan Pharma is a clinical stage, neonatology-focused biotechnology company, dedicated to developing safe, tailored therapies to address medical complications and developmental challenges that are common in babies born prematurely.

Premature birth is the number one cause of newborn deaths. With improved standard-of-care worldwide, survival rates increase but with many complications, leading to the need of improving outcome and quality of life. Premature births comprise 12% of births, but consume 60% of birth-associated costs, amounting to over 26 Billion Dollars annually in the US alone.

The company has two clinical development programs; ELGN-GI and ELGN-EYE, both indications are high unmet clinical needs with no approved solution to date.

ELGN-GI (confirmatory phase III trial) is a treatment to rapidly allow premature infants consume nutrition independently, and so faster be independent of the life threatening central-line used for nutrition, the treatment as consequence demonstrated in trials reduction in infections and death. As consequence, infants are also discharged faster from high risk NICU and go home earlier. Our Clinical trials (successful phases II& III) to date demonstrated unprecedented clinical benefits and huge reduction in hospital resource burden and associated costs, potentially saved in each of Europe and the USA We are aiming to initiate an international confirmatory phase III in the next few months.

ELGN-EYE (Phase II) is a local drug targeted at preventing vision impairment due to retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). ROP is the leading cause of blindness in children worldwide. Almost all of the very premature infants have some level of vision impairment due to underdeveloped eyes at birth. Phase I was recently successfully concluded, recently launched phase II study.