Studies Show

There’s an Encouraging Revelation for Preemies and Their Parents

One of every 10 babies is born prematurely. Premature babies face many challenges. They face long hospital stay, including younger and smaller babies often needing Neonatal Intensive Unite (NICU) care. However, thanks to rapidly increasing medical advancements, premature infants born today, are in a much better place. Their chances of survival are higher than ever, and the risk for major long term complications is decreasing.
Parents today can expect a less dire road than ever before.

Our Vision

Improving the Survival Rate and Quality of Life for These Tiny, Fragile Infants

Geared towards providing the necessary specific care needed to improve the outcomes and quality of life of these delicate and tiny humans.
Our treatments are safe, non-invasive, and stimulate normal growth in newborns. We have witnessed increased vessel development, decreased pathological vessel growth and other benefits that decrease costs and hospital stays. Our transformative treatments have paved the way for a more optimistic outlook in relation to premature births.

Elgan Gi

Studies performed demonstrated the use of ELGN-GI led to unprecedented improvement in gastrointestinal (GI) function and a reduction in related complications, including reduction in time until life threatening central line can be removed, reduction in hospital stay and a reduction in the number of life-threatening necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) events.

Our Solutions

focus on two critical conditions in neonates

Elgan Eye

A therapy that prevents the vision impairment of preterm infants. The provided therapy consists of administering eye drops that target specific vessels essential for stimulating the retinal layers to fully develop, while reducing pathological blood vessels from developing. It is based on an enhanced drug penetration profile using nano-particulate based formulation.